My First Korean Crush


I’ve never had an interest with anything Korean in my high-school days. My friend showed me about a drama or boy bands or whatever it was, and I was like, “Oh okay.” Just like that. I didn’t like them nor hate them, just so-so. And 3-4 years after that, my brother showed me Running Man (just like I told on my last post) and everything goes well. I know about Korean little by little. Try to listen their music, their language, and everything I could learn. After found out some musics that fitted enough with my ears, then I chose CNBLUE would be my first Korean favorite. They are not boy band. Yeah they are boys and really a “band”, they don’t sing and dance. They play instrument, they are cool! After that I asked my friends who liked CNBLUE first. Who are they, how are they, how’s their music, etc. And then my friends gave me some “starter kit” full with CNBLUE’s songs, music videos, interviews, even with their concerts whose up to 2 hours long. Crazy. Even I didn’t know most of their songs yet. At first my friend told me to listen to their English songs first, to know about their lyrics or whatever. But as I know, music is universal. You could like them just by listen to their music, even you didn’t know their language. So I started to listen to their Korean and Japanese songs. And I found it, cool! They are not like another k-pop. They are a rock band.



As the time goes by, I fell in love with their guitarist; Lee Jonghyun. He’s handsome, he plays guitar, he sings, even in his past days he played judo, and he has manners just like the other Korea guys. But as you know, they all have their charms. Somehow I think Jung Yonghwa; their leader and vocalist is charming too. And the two maknaes of the group; Kang Minhyuk is so sweet with his eye-smile and Lee Jungshin looks cool and hilarious sometime. But I don’t know I think the guitarist would be fitted me enough. ㅋㅋㅋ






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